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      Wake up a stone's throw from the Stevenskerk. Enjoy a cup of fresh "Candelas" coffee on the windowsill. You realize the vibrancy of the city. Lange Hezelstraat is slowly waking up. In the oldest shopping street in Nijmegen, Lino city hotel packs you up and surprises you. A casual environment that surprises and invites you to relax, surrounded by special details.

      About us

      We usually respond within 5 hours.
      A unique location The extremely charming city hotel Lino is located right in the historic center of Nijmegen. Lino offers a pleasant stay in a casual atmosphere for both the adventurous tourist and the business guest. As soon as you open your eyes in the morning, you look out over the oldest shopping street in Nijmegen. The 'Hese straet' is first mentioned in 1310. Now known as Lange Hezelstraat. The old facade of number 78 provides access to the hotel and food bar Fingerz, a unique place where flavors and creativity e together. Attention, quality and a personal approach are central here. It is therefore not surprising that Lino and Fingerz go hand in hand in this beautiful building. If you want to check in at Lino, you can do so at the food bar, where the team will acpany you to your stay. We look forward to weling you. read more..

      • Restaurant open from 9:00 to 22:00
      • Nieuwe Hezelpoort, 6541 MG Nijmegen
      • Breakfast from 9:00 am available
      • Nijmegen NL
      • Arrival between 16.00 - 20.00
      • Check-out possible until 11.00
      • We speak Nederlands, English, Espa?ol.

      Our acmodations

      From € 75,00
      Queen Room
      From € 79,00
      From € 91,00
      Double Room
      From € 75,00
      Single Room
      From € 69,00
      Double Room +
      From € 75,00

      Latest news and blogs

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      Book directly
      Available facilities
      Picnic area Terrace with sun Terrace
      To walk
      Street parking
      Wifi Shared kitchen Personal check-in Daily cleaning Packed lunch Non smoking rooms
      We speak Nederlands, English, Espa?ol.
      Direct personal contact

      Lino City Hotel Nijmegen
      Address data
      Lange Hezelstraat 78
      6511CM Nijmegen


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